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Dan Brown's Inferno - Review and companion images

Inferno by Dan Brown
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dan Brown's latest thriller pulls you into lots of nostalgia. We have Langdon running away from some mysterious group towed by a beautiful woman, who happens to be the expert in whichever soup he has got himself into. He has a clue which leads him to some of the magnificent cities in the world, leading to which he solves the puzzle at the very last moment.
As always he has a time limit of about 24 hours, making myself wonder how he might be related to 'Jack Bauer' of 24.

Similarities to previous outings aside, the book is an interesting read with some pretty real issues concerning the world in general. The interesting part of the novel is the role, the ideology of the villain and how his threat ends. Langdon occasionally surprises during the flow. Overall, an interesting read.

Below are some of the images which I had searched and used to help visualize the story and the actual locations.

Spoiler Alert: The images might reveal y…

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