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Hmmm, its been two months since my last post!! Couldn't figure out why I can't write one for the past days. Not that I am too busy, but cant get hold of a topic good enough to write about. Even now the case is same, I couldn't find one. So, here comes a random post which is about...well... random things!!!

** Chennai have become hot, though this is not new, but still it has become too hot to bear..

** Chennai has also lost all its glamor, thanks to a environmental-safety-drive!! to remove the beautiful hoardings all at once...

** I've started playing bowling again and surprisingly getting good at it!!

** Also, trying to pursue one of my other wishes and that had started out okay , had to do better still :-)

** Decided not to travel for the next whole month, enough of traveling every week to home. Gotta take a break and may be I`ll catch up on a long leave :-)

** Got a new portable hard disk, scouted all friend's PCs and amassed around 100 movies. Its gonna take a while to finish seeing them all off...

Hope, i would get a topic sooner to write my next post!!


hah! you think chennai is hot ? come to kolkata....
Sidhartha Dhar said…
guyz come to arunachal if you wish. its 27 deg now. You don't need an AC here!
RayDel said…
o yeah, its too hot around here in chennai,.. wonder wts it going to b like nxt month,??!!!
Dragon said…
chennai is hot and humid too..more than heat its the humidity thats caucing the sultryness..today its a whooping 89%..


nicely framed dude..
Oh yea man..Chennai is hot and HUMID :|
But yea ive heard that you gotta go to chennai once :) And I believe in it. But I dont believe in it when some people say that about kolkata :P

Anyway I hope you get something to blog about soon...Till then enjoy my blog
Gagan said…
well if u cnt figureout what to write !!

i have a comment for yu !!

just write on what you love to write !!

anyway interesting post !!

hope to see new posts from u soon !!

.... :)
Kenneth said…
100 movies?....is the portable as big as the sun?...i HAVE to gt one of those....
ashokkumar said…
Great you have a collection of 100 films and that is in itself an achievement to have it all in original when there are 1000s of pirated ones available
mindbodysoul said…
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nickybeit said…
you ve a great blogroll. i would like to place my blog in your blogroll.


i ll also do the same.
Anonymous said…
Hi ,

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This way you can reach out to rambhai readers some of whom could become your ardent fans.. who knows.. :)

Trailblazer said…
I agree that it is difficult to maintaina a rhythm in blogging as sometimes we have nothing to write about, yet there is a compulsion to write.

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