The Cold trip... Part 1

Part 1 - On way to Delhi

Funny things are bound to happen when you put 9 crazy guys together for 9 days on a cross-country-road-train-raft-trek-trip, whose collective Hindi vocabulary doesn't scale beyond "Ek gaav mein Ek kisan Raghu Thatha"[Youtube] .

It all started on a Saturday night, when all of our room mates were lazily watching the "Making of the Kingfisher Calendar". Pretty impressed on the locales and the models on the TV, one of our guys suggested that we shall do something similar.

Crazy Guy1 : Hey, we should do something like this!!

Me : What? Kingfisher Calendar Shoot?? Yeah, I wish. Ahhh.... Deepika Padukone on my wall calendar!!! [evil grin]

Crazy Guy1 : Bullshit, No da, at least we can go there.

Me : Where?? I can't focus on the back ground until this gal is there on screen.
Hey, is it Tamara Moss??

Crazy Guy1 : Grrrr....[fierce look in his eyes]

Me : Ok, Ok. I'll concentrate. The place looks like Rohtang pass.
I've read about it in OverDrive. Man, its so far , around 2500 kms.

Crazy Guy1 : So what. We'll take a week's leave and then off to Shimla and Rohtang Pass.

Me : Hmmm.. Sounds good. Lets call everyone.

Thus it all started. We had a conference call @ 11:45 pm, woke up a few , disturbed a few who were still in office. The problem with putting a few IT guys and MBA people on a Conf- call is, they never reach a solution ;-). They discuss all of the exceptional scenarios rather the things that are bound to happen 98% of the times. After much discussion, it's all set. We booked the tickets, packed our bags and got our winter gear ready.

And then, Yeah, we started finally. Well getting a week's leave is rather tough sometimes. I managed to get it without much drama, some had to pull-off a 'Contagious-Viral-fever' drama and one had left his job for the sake of not getting a leave when he badly needed!!. Just Perfect!!!

The train didn't live up to its hype, not much Northie - gals as expected. We were all put up together in the same block. The train left @ 10:30. There was one other old man near our seats, looked like a Bank job retiree in his safari suit. He was friendly, started chatting with us , even sponsored our Night Chai, wished us good night and went for sleep peacefully.

That night was Karthy's B'day. We had a cake, nearly woke up half the compartment for the celebration, managed to evoke the angst of a few and got the attention of the only lovely gal in the compartment. We were very tempted to the idea of smothering cake on that nice old man  near us, but somehow resisted that idea.

The next morning the train stopped in Andhra, a brisk jawan in his khakhi's walked into our compartment and took the suitcases of the Old guy. The old man smiled at us and gave his Card. He's a Honorary-doctrate-Bharat-Ratna-awardee, currently in the board of ISRO.  We managed to smile at him, thinking about the cake idea last night. Glad that we didn't smash a cake on him. I don't wanna spend a night in jail for such a silly thing.

[to be continued..]


mrav said…
sorry for this very unrelated comment.would you be able to upload the chinmayi bloopers 1,2 and 3 again.i think youtube have deleted them.and send me the links please.i would really appreciate the help.thanks
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Really Memorable...
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