Life is strange..

Life is strange in its own ways..
There would have been times when you felt that you rule the world..well!.. atleast your 'own' world...
I have my share of those moments..
Those were the final weeks of Masters Study.. I felt that i had planned everything..
Finish my Masters...Also i finished my CCNA[added value!!]..had great dreams of getting a job with my 'prestigious' MS...I was even planning to get a Ford Mondeo...Had 1 lakh in cash just for petty expenses... everything seems too well..

The D-day or the Departing day from Australia..
We started late to the airport. When we reached the check-in, it was already overflowing and to top it up all, i was told that my luggage was way heavy than allowed. So, I dumped the choclates, old dresses and stuff in the garbage, paid extra bucks for the undumpable. Finally got into the flight. The airport story..i`ll write in a separate post. Finally reached India, Happy to see everyone.

Then,starts the play...
While we went home, 'SUN News' flashed that due to the incessant rains, my place has been flooded and my house is submerged. Everyone of my family is here to receive me and the house is in floods. All traffic was blocked. All our agricultural lands were flooded and total loss for that year. Things take a turn here. Just after a few hours of being a Foreign-return, I became a guy who gets worried whether he has a house to move in or not!!!Sounds Strange , isn't it?


ironical.. u can never plan for every possibility.. just like how i spent my time in chennai in hospital more than with friends though i managed to meet others elsewhere..

atleast i shld leave a comment shldnt i!?!

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