A Trip to Delhi

The day was pleasant at six in the morning, we were in the airport waiting for the Delhi flight. Surprisingly, the MAA airport had free wi-fi and we were browsing so deeply that we had actually missed to keep track on the flight status. Just 20 mins before the actual departure schedule, it did strike us that we had to board a flight for an international conference. Then, it's the usual affair; running, jumping across barriers, a few scoldings and security checks. Finally, we got into the plane, had a nap, few croissants and landed safely in Delhi.

The cab picked us from the airport and dropped in Alcatel's Guest house. The place is good with wi-fi connectivity,good food and excellent service. We had a complimentary drop to the office. Being so eager to start setting up the network infrastructure and get it done, we rushed into the office to see only unopened card board boxes. We got into action, grabbed a couple of people, unpacked it, got the power supply and finally made things ready.

The next day we started to set the platform. It was not that tough for us who had faced a lot of things back in chennai. To top it up, we also had the support of many kind people around the office. The network infrastructure was ready within two days, and that's kinda achievement.

Days passed, finally we had our tech lead arriving from France. He was so surprised to see that the things are actually finished before his arrival. We had to party!! and he took us to Hilton. Hilton was stunning with its ambiance and service and that too the weather of gurgaon made it a pleasant experience. Well this might totally look like too sweet and happy, but there are more incidents and stupid situations of the kind far from being written here.

With things done, now its time to shift the setup to the Conference venue. We shifted everything to Pragati Miadan, New Delhi. By the time we reached the hall, there was nothing but a few planks of wood and lots of workers. I couldn't believe that there will be a booth here the next day, considering the way it looked.

But overnight as if it had a magic touch,the place had transformed into a glitzy white booth, with plasma screens and all other stuff.

The Conference started on March 20th and our booth was a instant hit. For all wondering about what this conference is all about, this is 'Convergence - 2007' , the largest telecom event in South Asia. We had a live WiMAX Demonstration in the booth and its the first of its kind in India. All the major players in telecom arena just dropped in and had of look and feel of how the future of telecom is gonna be.

Also, I had to mention the girls, they were so polite and attractive. Bit surprised to see people in India working part time, I had seen this only in Australia and had done my part too. They were studying through correspondence and doing these kinda fairs for part time jobs. I had promised the girls of few photo shoots for my brother's dress collection in NIFT.

With all those flashy looks and high tech appeal, our booth could attract everyone and probably the most visited booth in the event. Finally, all was well and it ended well too. Then everything was brought down in a couple of hours as soon as the event got over.

We went and had a party for ourselves in QBA. This place is a must-see in Delhi. Do find it and have dinner in this place. The violet coloured theme will attract you definitely . Chk it out in Connaught place.

Next day, we just roamed Delhi and gurgaon and got back to the airport. The flight was uneventful as usual. I still wonder what would be the probability of having a gorgeous girl next to your seat and actually have quite a talk with her!! Will it be 1 in 1000 or might it can happen only in movies?? Well , what to do, I had to get content with a sleep and some delicious pastries for the journey!!

and thats the end of the journey...and am looking forward for more of these trips..
waiting for LAS VEGAS!!!!


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