My Dear!!,

Thanks for being with me for these many years, probably you are the one who had the longest stint with me since i had been into these kinda relationships. Still I remember the day when i first saw you walking down through a crowded mobile store and how much i fell in love with you. I was just bowled over with that curvaceous figure and the way you handled much many things with finesse and ease. You never complained of remembering all those silly phone numbers and anniversaries for me. After hours of endless talks, you would just loose all your energy. You had always wanted me to lap you up in my hands, energize you in your cradle, then your face lighting up, Hmm, that days are over. Is that all we meant to do together? How could the day we got drenched in rain could possibly kill you? I never thought that night, that you wouldn't wake up the next morning. It was hard to believe when those people told me that the rain made you so ill that you got killed and you never complained just 'coz i loved rain!!!

Look at her..

But things tend to change with time and sometimes don't we feel the pangs of loneliness on us?
Luckily my brother introduced this old friend of him, who got along with me well, despite the fact looking pretty plain. Well, there are always compromises in life!!Days go past by with my little known new friend and i do feel getting bored, haven't even bothered to know much about her!

also look at her..

Will this relationship last? Can I jump into a new one? Wont that be cheating? Anyway, there this hottie whom i have seen recently...well..what to say..she looks hot?! Do we need anything else and she pretty much reminds me of my old friend. What do i do..I have to think!!!

Definitely look at her!!

Sssh..look at the pics for the twist..


matty said…
well nice blog...
Happens with everyone...
WE all lose our first mobile...
One of friend keep changing mobiles every month..
guess he does a lot of cheating!!!!
C R D said…
haha..nice way to talk abt mobiles.yea in todays times theyre an integral part of life. im kinda addicted to it. i call it "my best friend and my worst enemy"
ive lost 2 cells so far, but it wasnt the piece by itself tht i missed, but the pictures and messages in it that i thought id keep for the rest of my life.losing them was depressing

hope u dont start seeing new gals they way ur seeing a new handset. :P

keep posting
Hakuna Matata said…
loll....gud un!
Jshree said…
Cool one.. :)).. and nice template!..

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